Scootle and other national services


Removal of Adobe Flash resources from 18 December 2020

Scootle will stop supporting resources that use the Adobe Flash plug-in from 18 December 2020.

Interactive learning resources that utilise the Adobe Flash Player plug-in will be archived from Scootle to reflect the end-of-life of the Flash Player plug-in . These resources will also be removed from the Learning Place.

Scootle Learning paths that include these resources will have alerts to notify teachers and students that one or more of the resources will be unavailable.

For more information refer to the Scootle FAQ page .

Improve will be closing on 18 December 2020

Teachers currently using improve are advised to download reports before this date. All assessment items will be archived and teacher and student data removed in accordance with Education Services Australia’s Privacy and Archival policies.

For more information refer to the Scootle FAQ page .

Scootle provides Australian teachers and students with access to online digital curriculum resources sourced from the National Digital Learning Resources Network (NDLRN). These resources can be used in a range of flexible ways to suit their own curriculum needs.

Scootle resources include learning objects, museum artefacts, artworks, archival documents, photographs, archival and contemporary moving images, maps, posters, songs and speeches.

Queensland state school teachers access Scootle resources, along with other Education Queensland resources—such as Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C)—through the Learning Place. The Learning Place also provides a range of safe and secure spaces for curriculum delivery, collaboration and communication. Access to the Learning Place is available through your departmental network login ID.

Following an agreement between the Department and Education Services Australia (ESA), you can access Scootle resources directly, as well as other national services such as Australia's national social network for teachers, Scootle Community and the national online formative assessment environment, Improve.

Using Improve

When using Improve, staff must not use identifiable student data when registering students. An email address is not a mandatory requirement as there is an option to print student login details. Alias names can be used for the student names, e.g. DJ, however if you intend to use the reporting function you may want to cross-match student names with the alias names.

How do Queensland state school teachers access Scootle?

All Department of Education staff can gain instant access by selecting the Queensland Government crest featured on the Scootle login options  page.

When not logged into the department's IT network (e.g. when working at home) staff will need to enter the username and password used to log into the department's network.

All contractors will need to request federated access to Scootle using iRegister, seeking approval from their direct-line supervisor. Please contact the departmental IT Service Centre for more information.

Staff can continue to access Scootle’s education resources through The Learning Place.

More information can be found on the Staff Learning Place  (DoE staff only).

Last updated 16 November 2020